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  uLinga for CICS  
uLinga for CICS
provides access to
CICS applications
using native TCP/IP
built into CICS


uLinga for CICS implements the TCP/IP-based IP Interconnectivity protocol supported natively by CICS v3.2 and later.

Enables you to seamlessly migrate your SNA applications communicating with CICS to TCP/IP, without jeopardizing the integrity of the mission-critical applications that rely on SNA today.

uLinga for CICS appears as another CICS region - enabling normal cross-region communications for Distributed Program Link (DPL), and Transaction Routing (TR). uLinga for CICS can operate as both client and server end of communications, so your transactions can be initiated from either side of the communications link.



  • CICS IP Interconnectivity protocols designed from the ground up for high performance
  • Support for CICS Distributed Transaction Processing over LU 6.2 Advanced Program to Program Communications (APPC) using the supplied uLinga APPC Bridge extension
  • Online configuration/management:
    • Web browser interface utilising HTML 5 and Web Sockets, with no client software to install
    • Interactive command line interface, with support for obey/script files
  • Built in tracing facility
  • Standard logging support
  • Support for standard APIs (e.g. on HPE NonStop, SNAX/HLS, SNAX/CRT, etc.)


  • Modernise your connectivity to CICS using TCP/IP while preserving your application code
  • Reduce costs - seamlessly migrate your applications, and reduce operator costs, and eliminating the need for costly SNA infrastructure
  • Minimise integration risk and effort
  • Boost flexibility through use of standard IP routing techniques
  • Simplify network management
  • Stengthen security - utilising industry-standard IPSec or SSL/TLS
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