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  WebCon - Web Browser Interface  


WebCon is a World Wide Web browser based interface provided for all Infrasoft products. The HTTP server for this functionality is built into the main server code for each product, so there is no extra software to run or set up.

WebCon uses HTML 5 and Web Sockets, both of which are built into the modern versions of all the major browsers. These technologies ensure that the WebCon interface is available on all devices (including mobile devices), with no extra software to install on the clients.

Extensive use of tool tips (text that appears in a pop up box when the user hovers over an item) for resource types, resource attributes, and buttons that perform actions on resources, makes the interface easy to use without consulting the manual.

Logging In

Users login with their system user ID and password. WebCon can be configured to place various users and groups into different roles for authorisation purposes.


User Administration

User and groups can be given roles to limit the functions that they can perform on the system.



The operations function allows you to monitor resources and, if the user role allows, manage resources using actions such as Start, Stop, etc.



The configuration function allows you to add, modify and delete resources. Hovering over resource attributes or resource types shows a relevant description in a pop up box.



Each user can configure their own dashboard screen to monitor the resources or attributes of resources that they are interested in. Graphs are updated in real time using HTML 5 (for device interoperability) and Web Sockets technologies (for high performance).



You can easily retrieve the events logged by your server process. You can filter on event log level, and page through the history of events.