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2020-01-14: Infrasoft is pleased to welcome Andrew Price to the team. Andrew brings many years of NonStop experience with him, from software development to product management and sales support, and will be working in a Business Operations capacity. He can be contacted at

2019-06-06: All uLinga products have been enhanced to use x86 hardware support for relevant TLS operations. This decreases CPU consumption and improves latency for SSL/TLS processing on NonStop X platforms.

2017-06-14: Infrasoft releases uLinga for X25. It provides support for X.25 over TCP/IP (XOT). The X25AM PTP interface is supported to enable seamless migration for your existing X.25 applications.

2013-08-08: All uLinga products can now act as a Pathsend client on HPE NonStop systems. This enables uLinga to receive transaction requests from the network (e.g. mainframe applications), and transport them to your existing Pathway servers

2013-07-14: A large bank goes live with uLinga for CICS Transaction Routing support to eliminate SNA between their HPE NonStop and IBM Mainframe.

2013-01-11: uLinga for CICS now provides support for CICS Transaction Routing (TR), in addition to its existing support for Distributed Program Link (DPL). TR support enables applications to appear as terminals to CICS applications, without requiring any application changes.

2012-09-27: All products now provide a Web browser based configuration/management interface call WebCon. It provides the ability to perform actions similar to those available via ConsoleCon (CCON), but by using a standard World Wide Web browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc. No other software is required on the browser client platform. It provides the user with the ability to perform commands by clicking on resources and actions, rather than typing commands at a command line prompt. It also provides search capabilities, event history, etc.

2011-12-13: Infrasoft releases uLinga for Enterprise Extender. It provides support for SNA, APPN protocols using High Performance Routing (HPR) over UDP/IP. All the traditional APIs supported by uLinga for DLSw are supported.

2010-09-10: Infrasoft releases uLinga for IMS. It enables modernisation of SNA applications by communicating with IMS Version 7 and later using IMS Connect TCP/IP support. Existing SNA APIs are preserved, so there is no need for applications communicating with uLinga for IMS to be modified.

2010-08-25: Infrasoft releases uLinga for DLSw. It provides support for SNA and APPN protocols over TCP/IP. Most traditional APIs expected by applications are supported.

2010-08-06: Infrasoft becomes an IBM System z Developer

2010-03-15: Infrasoft releases uLinga for CICS. It enables modernisation of SNA applications by communicating with CICS Version 3.2 and later using built-in native TCP/IP support. Existing SNA APIs are preserved, so there is no need for applications communicating with uLinga for CICS to be modified.

2009-12-09: Infrasoft and comForte sign joint development and marketing agreement

comForte GmbH, a global provider of connectivity and security solutions for the HPE NonStop platform, and Infrasoft, an Australian-based software company offering connectivity middleware solutions for the HP NonStop platform, today announced the signing of a joint development and marketing agreement. Under the agreement, comForte and Infrasoft will jointly develop a software solution, which enables communications between HP NonStop servers and IBM mainframe applications running in the CICS or IMS environments. This software solution will be marketed and sold under the brand name "uLinga".


2009-12-01: Infrasoft becomes an IBM Business Partner

2009-07-06: Infrasoft becomes an HPE Business Partner