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  uLinga for IMS  
uLinga for IMS
provides access to
IMS applications
using native TCP/IP
built into IMS


uLinga for IMS implements the TCP/IP-based IMS Connect protocol supported natively by IMS v7 and later.

Enables you to seamlessly migrate your SNA applications communicating with IMS to TCP/IP, without jeopardizing the integrity of the mission-critical applications that rely on SNA today.



  • IMS IMS Connect protocols designed from the ground up for high performance
  • Online configuration/management:
    • Web browser interface utilising HTML 5 and Web Sockets, with no client software to install
    • Interactive command line interface, with support for obey/script files
  • Built in tracing facility
  • Standard logging support
  • Support for standard APIs (e.g. on HPE NonStop, SNAX/HLS, SNAX/CRT, etc.)


  • Modernise your connectivity to IMS using TCP/IP while preserving your application code
  • Reduce costs - seamlessly migrate your applications, and reduce operator costs, and eliminating the need for costly SNA infrastructure
  • Minimise integration risk and effort
  • Boost flexibility through use of standard IP routing techniques
  • Simplify network management
  • Stengthen security - utilising industry-standard IPSec or SSL/TLS
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