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  uLinga for DLSw  
uLinga for DLSw
provides access
devices and
applications over


uLinga for Data Link Switching implements Systems Network Architecture (SNA) and DLSw protocols over TCP/IP.

The higher communication layers preserve the SNA flows expected by your application, and at the lower layers the communications utilise your existing IP backbone infrastructure, and so can be routed by standard IP routers. The flows are compatible with existing DLSw-capable routers such (e.g. Cisco).

Standard APIs are supported for the platform: for example on HPE NonStop, applications using the SNAX/HLS, SNAX/CRT, SNAX/APC and SNALU interfaces can all run without modification. Other application transport mechanisms are also supported, including standard file system I/O, and TCP/IP.



  • Data Link Switching protocols designed from the ground up for high performance
  • Advanced Peer to Peer Networking (APPN) End Node to reduce the number of definitions required on your mainframe
  • All Logical Unit (LU) types supported
  • Session Services Extensions (SSE) and dependent LU support to enable SNA secondary applications and devices to "logon" over DLSw links
  • Online configuration/management:
    • Web browser interface utilising HTML 5 and Web Sockets, with no client software to install
    • Interactive command line interface, with support for obey/script files
  • Built in tracing facility
  • Standard logging support
  • Support for standard APIs - no application changes required


  • Modern SNA support using your existing IP infrastructure
  • Reduce costs - for SNA software, operator costs, and eliminating the need for costly SNA infrastructure
  • Minimise integration risk and effort
  • Boost flexibility through use of standard IP routing techniques
  • Simplify network management
  • Stengthen security - utilising industry-standard IPSec or SSL/TLS
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