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Fibre Optics High Availability Software Infrastructure for the Enterprise

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Infrasoft is pleased to welcome Andrew Price to the team. more...

All uLinga products have been enhanced to use x86 hardware support for relevant TLS operations. more...

Infrasoft releases uLingaX25. more...

All uLinga products can now act as a Pathsend client on HPE NonStop systems. more...

Large bank goes live with uLinga for CICS Transaction Routing support to eliminate SNA between their HPE NonStop and IBM Mainframe.

uLinga for CICS now provides support for CICS Transaction Routing. more...

Infrasoft releases uLinga for IMS. more...

Infrasoft releases uLinga for DLSw. more...



Integration with X.25 Networks

uLinga for X25 allows your application to communicate with X.25 devices over IP infrastructure.

Modern SNA Solutions Using IP Backbone

uLinga for EE and uLinga for DLSw preserve your existing SNA functionality over IP infrastructure.

Modernise access to mainframe applications

uLinga for CICS and uLinga for IMS can modernise your access to the mainframe by replacing SNA with native TCP/IP, without requiring application changes.


Infrasoft Pty Limited is an Australian owned and operated IT software company offering products and services for the online real time transaction world. With our founding members having over 150 years combined experience, the company has extensive expertise in providing customers with the necessary products, services, support and independent advice to implement successful high availability infrastructure solutions.

Infrasoft will also provide services to clients requiring our expertise and skills in building high availability infrastructure solutions.