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Infrasoft Launches Intel® SOA Expressway
Product Line in Australia

High-end corporate data centers increasingly seek Security Gateway products that can provide optimized XML processing in virtualized environments.

Sydney, Australia, 2nd November, 2009 - Infrasoft has announced the launch of the Intel® Service-Oriented Architecture Expressway (Intel® SOA Expressway) in Australia. Infrasoft, specialists in technological solutions and professional services in the field of high performance software and infrastructures, is Intel Corporation’s value-added representative for consultancy and support of the product in the Australian market.

The Intel SOA Expressway enables organizations to accelerate, simplify and manage their IT applications better in a variety of complex SOA-based infrastructure environments. The product’s multi-core optimization and soft-appliance form factor delivers a cost-for-performance ratio-typically 8x hardware appliances at ½ the cost.

The Intel SOA Expressway is a result of eight years of research and development by the Intel Software and Services Group.

Unlike other solutions, Intel SOA Expressway operates in a Linux open standard environment or in Windows, as the organization chooses. The product’s soft-appliance form factor delivers flexible upgrades and enables cost effective virtualized deployments on standard hardware within corporate datacenters. Performance is tuned to run best on Intel processors but this is not a requirement for deployment.

"Intel® SOA Expressway delivers standards-based SOA gateway security, runtime governance, and XML acceleration in an easy to deploy software appliance form factor“ said Girish Juneja director, Intel SOA Products, Intel Software and Services Group. “Intel® SOAE optimization for Intel® multi-core processors delivers performance that drives down total deployment costs. In particular, we aim to remove the technology inflexibilities that are presented by traditional hardware security appliances."

Infrasoft was selected as Intel’s value-added representatives after a thorough examination of the Australian market, the companies operating in it, and Infrasoft’s abilities and experience in enabling high performance systems in a complex environment.

Peter Shell, Director of Infrasoft, adds:

"It is important to understand that the Intel SOA Expressway operates in a way that is ideally suited to the multi-core architecture of the Intel® processor itself, using innovative chip instruction sets that accelerate XML processing."