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provides an ultra-fast
Node.js platform for
NonStop X. Node.js is
a general purpose
environment. It is
particularly well
suited to modern
applications such as
mobile device support


bomBora is an enterprise-ready implementation of the popular Node.jsTM Server-Side JavaScript (SSJS) application environment. It enables you to easily build fast, scalable server-side applications, using an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model. Node.js runs on a variety of platforms, including Linux, UNIX and Windows. bomBora extends that availability to the HPE Integrity NonStopTM X platform.

bomBora, as with standard Node.js implementations, uses the V8 JavaScript/ECMAScript engine to execute standard Node.js applications without requiring application code changes. V8 is a compiler, rather than interpreter, so code executes quickly and with efficient memory use.

bomBora also provides many features expected or required by enterprise-level applications. Many of these features are provided transparently (meaning that existing Node.js applications receive their benefits automatically), while some can be specifically coded for by your JavaScript application to take advantage of specialist code within bomBora.



  • Node.js version 0.10.26
  • V8 version 3.12.15
  • No changes required to candidate Node.js applications unless they use OS-specific packages or OS-specific logic that does not include the platforms on which bomBora runs
  • Online configuration/management:
  • Extensive performance metrics allow you to view transaction rates, number of servers on each system, etc. in real time via the Web browser interface
  • Extensions to enable interaction with HPE NonStop TS/MP (Pathway) Server Classes and NonStop Inter-Process Communication (IPC)
  • Ability to run as a NonStop Process Pair for added fault tolerance
  • Runs on HPE Integrity NonStop X as an Open System Services (OSS) 64-bit process
  • Built in tracing facility
  • Standard logging support


  • Flexibility - you can now include NonStop X as a platform on which you can run your Node.js applications
  • Reduce costs - porting Node.js applications to NonStop is a painless exercise because the NonStop I/O model and shared-nothing approach fits perfectly with the Node.js application design patterns
  • Performance - the optimisations built into the V8 compilers, coupled with the non-blocking I/O model means that your server-side code runs efficiently and without the complex threading contention issues experienced with other technologies
  • Fault Tolerance - provided at both the software level by bomBora and the NonStop Operating System, and at the hardware level by the NonStop X platform, bomBora is the best choice for your mission critical Node.js applications.
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